TT99 Car Insurance

Get cheap TT99 car insurance from a specialist!

Here at Impounded we specialise in finding insurance for drivers with motor convictions and bans. Through our market knowledge, we put you in touch with known experts of convicted driver insurance and arrange special rates on your behalf.

We know how hard it can be to find insurance with convictions and that’s why we set this website up. This blog will give you all you need to know about TT99 car insurance and what we can do to get it cheaper.

What’s a TT99 motor conviction?

A TT99 is basically known as the ‘totting up’ conviction because once you’ve accumulated 12 or more penalty points within a three year period, you become disqualified from driving. The penalty points stay on your licence from the date of the offence and remain there for four years.

Generally the period of time you’ll be disqualified for is as follows:

  • Six months – if you receieve 12 penalty points or more within three years
  • Twelve months – if you get a second disqualification within two years
  • Two years – If you get a third disqualification

Finding TT99 car insurance

Finding insurance with a TT99, ban or disqualification, can be very difficult since most insurers will either not offer a quote or charge a ridiculous amount! They won’t consider a driver can learn from their mistakes and will look to penalise you by the way of increased premiums which will be way over and above the typical cost for an insurance policy.

Through our expertise we only put you in touch with insurers we know can help and offer the best rates for TT99 car insurance. They can offer flexible, low cost policies, which cover your car, van, bike or taxi. Call us today and see how much you can save!

Comparison sites can’t help you

Comparison sites are great if you’ve never claimed or have no motor convictions. However if you add a motor conviction to your quote – particularly a serious one like a TT99 – and you will find that very few companies quote. Those that do will probably change their quote after they have spoken to you.

The truth is insurers that are serious about finding you great value TT99 insurance will need to speak with you and ask a few more questions. These types of specialists don’t appear on generic comparison sites so you can find them quite difficult to get hold of.

Here at Impounded we do the hard work for you, so you know you’re dealing with an insurer that can help!

What we do

We specialise in helping people in need of help with their insurance who are in sticky situations. Whether your car has been impounded, or you can’t find fair priced insurance for a conviction, disqualification or ban, we can help. Also try us for IN10 car insurance and DR10 car insurance.

If you have any questions please contact us by phone, email or social media.