short vs long term insurance

If you’re looking for impounded car insurance to release a seized car, you need to be aware of the different types of insurance cover available for you. The two types are short term and long term insurance. The clue is in the name: depending on how long you need the insurance for will influence which type of insurance you select

Short term impounded car insurance

This is basically insurance for 30 days. It gives you the advantage of only having insurance long enought to retrieve the impounded car; you don’t have to make a financial commitment to pay for a full year’s policy and hence don’t have to pay any cancellation costs – you simply lapse the policy if you no longer need it.

Temporary, short term policies should only be bought if you plan on selling the car or having it SORN. If you plan on continuing drive for longer a month you will need to ensure that you have an ongoing insurance solution in place. The police’s detection measures are getting increasingly sophisticated and the chances of getting caught driving uninsured are higher than ever. Not to mention the unnecessary risk it presents to yourself and other drivers.

The other point to make is monthly policies are typically much lower in cover. They are for third party cover only – just the other driver, not you or your own car if you have an accident – and don’t have the extensions fully comprehensive has such as driving other cars, legal fees and European cover.

Annual policies

If you plan on driving for longer than month, an annual policy really has to be your choice. The policy will consist of better insurance cover than short term insurance and can be comprehensive covering both your vehicle and other drivers in the event of an accident. What’s more is an annual policy will allow you to build up no claims bonus and get your future insurance costs down. It reduces the risk of you getting a monthly policy and forgetting to renew it – which can lead to your car being back at the police pound. With the totting up rules you are only allowed so many mistakes.

Short term or long term we can source them both. Get in touch and see how we can help you today!