Release an impounded car quickly!

If your car has been seized and impounded, then you should only have one thing on your mind: releasing it quickly and inexpensively. You may not be aware but every day a car is in a police impound, it racks up daily storage charges which are typically at least £25 per day. What’s more is the police can legally dispose of the vehicle after a certain amount of time, making matters worse…you will receive none of the proceeds of the vehicle sale and you will need to fork out for a new vehicle entirely.

But releasing your impounded car is simpler said than done. You don’t want to ring up the first insurer and pay over the odds for your car insurance. The fact is very few insurance companies offer impounded car insurance across the UK, and those that do with often charge an arm and leg for it leaving you seriously out of pocket. Here at Impounded we work we specialist insurers who take a sympathetic view and won’t charge ridiculous prices punishing you for a mistake. They will offer special prices agreed with us and give you the option of either a short term 30 day impounded car insurance policy or one for a full year which is fully comprehensive.

You can buy this policy over the phone by calling the above number. Lines are open 8am-5pm Monday to Friday, and 10am – 4pm on a Saturday. Once you have bought a policy, our insurance broker will email you the covernote straight to your email so that you can print it off and take it straight to the police station. Although make sure you refer to your seizure notice and also take the other documents requested including driving licence, proof of ownership and identity. The police will check your documents on the Police National Computer and Motor Insurance Database – and if correct – will stamp your seizure notice allowing you retrieve your impounded car.

So don’t wait any longer – contact us today and get a great deal on your impounded car insurance!