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Looking for cheap impounded car insurance...

Well you’re in the right place! Here at impoundedcarinsurance.org we specialise in finding low cost affordable impounded car insurance policies. Our policies are flexible so you can obtain either short term policies for 30 days, or an annual policy with comprehensive cover. We have user guides setup so you can follow a simple step by step process to release your seized car. Our FAQs section can help you with common questions experienced by other drivers in similar predicaments. If you’ve still not got the answer you’re after…then contact us. We’ll be glad to help!

The most important thing about impounded car insurance to remember – is act fast! The longer you wait the more chance there is of the police disposing of your vehicle by either selling it or crushing it. You will not get any proceeds back after this point. Also if you do look to retrieve your impounded car, remember every day the charges at the police impound will go up whilst the vehicle is being kept on someone else’s property. The only answer is to pick up the phone today and get impounded car insurance asap.

To keep updated of all things impounded, along with the policies and legislation affecting car seizure, keep checking back to our website for the lastest news.