Impounded car auctions

With such a large number of uninsured vehicles being seized by the police and not reclaimed, their disposal has become an increasingly sophisticated operation. Police forces are working closely with a number of auctioneers to ensure these vehicles are dealt with swiftly.

SMA Vehicle Remarketing is one of a number of auctioneers that work with the police to dispose of seized vehicles. The company has 5 auction centres, all of which handle vehicles recovered under the Police Vehicle Recovery Scheme, including uninsured vehicles. In the last year the company has auctioned over 2000 vehicles, on behalf of 5 police forces.

In terms of what goes for auction and what goes for scrap, some police forces operate a system whereby vehicles under the value of £1000 are dismantled and destroyed whereas those over £1000 are sold off. SMA Vehicle Remarketing have auctioned a Rolls Royce Phantom EWB, Ferrari’s, Porsche 911’s amongst other high value vehicles.

Here at Emergency Compare we believe there are those who may have missed payment or made a mistake with driving uninsured and their cars been impounded. We can help those in this situation to take their car out of impound and continue with their life.

When the police impound your car, you can still get it back. We are regulated by the FCA to carry out insurance activities.

We work by putting you in touch with proven insurers who have a track record for insuring impounded vehicles and at a great price. By using us you will get the best deals that we have negotiated on your behalf. Finding car insurance for a seized vehicle can be very very hard…only a handful of insurers nationwide can help, and you won’t find them on comparison sites or in the phone book. You will be staggered by the choice we can offer.

Get in touch by calling us for FREE in 0161 975 5606 or through our twitter or Facebook pages. We’ll quickly get in contact and identify your needs. If you want to learn about why cars and vans are taken to a police impounds and what you need to do to get them back, read our informative FAQ’s and information guides.

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