Cheap IN10 Car Insurance

Got an IN10 motor conviction? Here at we specialise in finding cheap IN10 car insurance for drivers who’ve been caught driving uninsured. We can help find insurance with the following motor endorsements:

  • IN10 (using a vehicle uninsured against third party risks)
  • TT99 (disqualified under totting up procedure)
  • Previous bands and disqualification
  • Seized and impounded vehicles
  • Cars, bikes, vans and taxis

Finding cheap insurance with an IN10

An IN10 is given to drivers caught not having insurance in place and driving uninsured. It carries six penalty points, a £500 fine and can also lead to disqualification and further penalties if it goes to court. Drivers who are given an IN10 will usually have their car seized and transported to a police impound, where it will stay until impounded car insurance is obtained and the release fees are paid off.

We specialise in finding cheap car insurance for such situations and have arranged special rates with our insurer partners, follow the link at the side of this page or call us today to get the best value IN10 car insurance.

Types of IN10 car insurance

If you’ve got an IN10 and your car has been seized, we can offer a variety of policies including short term for 30 days which are only third party. Alternatively we can offer annual policies that are fully comprehensive and come with cover extensions such as legal fees, courtesy car access and driving other cars. Which one you choose depends, on your plans for the car…if you plan on selling it shortly then short term might make more sense. Otherwise, if you plan on continuing to drive, then annual makes much more sense.

Comparison sites can’t help

Comparison sites are good if you have no claims, motor convictions, driving experience and no claims bonus, but they are useless when it comes to IN10 car insurance and other insurances for motor convictions. The insurers on these sites are looking for what they call ‘clean, safe risks’ and will decide either not to quote or charge a lot, lot more if you have a serious motor conviction or ban.

Here you can rely on us an, we have years of experience in finding insurance for convictions such as IN10, DR10 and TT99 and will scour the market to find the cheapest prices and best cover to suit your needs.