Cheap DD40 car insurance

Compare cheap DD40 car insurance today!

Here at we not only help you find insurance for impounded cars, but we can also offer cheap car and van insurance for serious motor convictions. Have one of the following?

  • DD20 – Driving at a dangerous speed
  • DD30 – Reckless Driving or Dangerous Driving
  • DD40 – Driving in a dangerous manner at a dangerous speed or recklessly
  • DD50 – Causing death by dangerous driving
  • DD60 – Manslaughter or culpable homicide while driving a vehicle
  • DD70 – Causing death by reckless driving
  • DD80 – Causing death by dangerous driving

What is a DD40 motor conviction?

A DD40 motor endorsement is given to drivers who are thought to have driven in a dangerous manner at a dangerous speed or recklessly. The number of penalty points is variable but can often be up to six, with a hefty fine. And remember, due to the totting up procedures, 12 penalty points or more will lead to a ban from driving.

Many insurers regard DD40 as a serious motor conviction and will price your ‘risk’ differently. What this means is getting DD40 car insurance can very expensive with very few insurers offering fair quotes. Here at Impounded, we believe drivers can learn from their mistakes and shouldn’t be unnecessarily penalised by ridiculous insurance prices!

Finding DD40 car insurance

Comparison sites and high street insurance brokers are useless when it comes to DD40 motor insurance and insurance for motor convictions.  They are great for simple insurance risks where the drivers has no claims or convictions and plenty of no claims bonus. But when you introduce a motor conviction, most insurers won’t be interested.

If you’ve had a motor conviction, you should be cautious about online websites since you need to make sure your insurance risk is properly covered when it comes to making a claim. In order to do this you need to speak to a specialist and ensure your DD40 car insurance is correct. We put you in touch with proven experts who can find you the best policy to suit your needs!

What else can we help you with?

We basically specialise in all things non-standard, so give us a call if you’re looking for in10 car insurance, dr10 car insurance, tt99 car insurance….and anything else you’re struggling to find cheap insurance for. Give us a call or drop us an email and we will be happy to help!