Looking for cheap impounded car insurance?

Here at impoundedcarinsurance.org we specialise in helping you find low cost affordable impounded car and van insurance. We put you in touch with leading specialists who we have arranged discounted rates with. You can obtain impounded car insurance in either short term policies for 30 days or alternatively annual policies which are fully comprehensive in cover.

Finding impounded car insurance

Getting hold of insurance that covers a vehicle that has been seized by the police and transported to a police pound can be very tricky. Most insurers are not prepared to insure such a risk and you can spend hours upon hours ringing around insurers to simply be turned away. Comparison sites are no better with their questions sets not even asking if your vehicle has been impounded! Save yourself the time, cost and hassle and speak to an expert. Contact us on the above number and we’ll discuss the right policy for you depending upon your needs.

If you’re looking for advice on how to release a seized vehicle, you can read our informative guide or refer to our common questions. If you’re still struggling then contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Short term vs long term benefits

One of the biggest considerations when choosing a policy to release an impounded car or van, is whether to buy a short term policy for 30 days which you can cancel at any time, or to buy a policy that lasts for a year. It really depends on your plans for the vehicle; for instance if you plan on keeping it on the road beyond the short term then you should really get an annual policy since the cover is better and you have peace of mind that you have ongoing cover. However if you will sell the car having retrieved it from the police pound, then you might want to consider short term insurance since it’s cheaper and you can cancel at any time.

Whatever you do, make sure you act quickly since the compound’s owners can legally dispose of the vehicle after a couple of weeks (should you not provide the necessary documentation) and you can find yourself without either a car or any of the proceeds.


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